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More than just a drawing
Whether you're building a new house, or just looking to change the look of an existing landscape, having a good design plan is essential. Our design staff, with over 67 years of combined experience, will strive to create a beautiful landscape for you to enjoy throughout all the seasons.

Along with Residential Design, we also offer Commercial and Municipal design services. We can provide Landscape Plans for new construction, as well as redesigning overgrown or outdated landscapes.

What is a Landscape Designer?
A landscape architect or designer will work with you to create a grand plan that encompasses your entire property, from installing a new paver driveway to adding a patio or grading your lawn. If you’re just looking for someone to arrange your flowerbeds, you want a garden designer. At Hubingers we can do both!

What can a landscape designer do for me?
Some people are great in their yards. They love pulling weeds, planting and understand what plants do well in certain environments. Then there are others who know how they want their yard to look but do not have the time to put it all together. Our designers can help with all of that and more. We understand the ins and outs of yard care and will create your outdoor paradise in half the time a regular person can. A landscape designer will help you visualize your property and create a plan in a way that makes sense and has lasting value.


Things you should know before hiring a landscape designer

At Hubinger Landscaping we want to make sure that your yard becomes your "Garden of Eden". Achieving your "paradise" should not be a stressful experience. There are many contractors that will promise everything you want, but in reality, they will not be able to deliver. We want you to enjoy your yard for many years. Feel free to contact us for help.

  Know who you are buying from
  Know the company's history
  Is the company local, regional or national
  What is their warranty for installation work
  Know that cheaper is not always better
  Know your contractors capacity and size
  Experience of the management staff

A landscape designer’s job is significantly easier when you, the homeowner, know the relevant regulations that govern your property. Are there any homeowners association requirements that you need to follow? What are the local ordinances designating how close to the property line you can place landscape? (These are called setback regulations.) Also, it's important to know where those property lines are.
Before hiring a landscape designer, make sure you know the basics of your yard—and its problem areas. Does one sloping hill drain water onto your walkway? Can guests never find their way to your front door? Landscape architects can’t fix a problem they don’t know about.
Yardwork is hard work. While some people consider pulling weeds to be meditative, you might find it tedious. Let your designer or architect know how much maintenance you expect to do on a weekly or daily basis. Otherwise, he or she will end up with an unhappy and overworked client (you).
Landscapes tend to be emotional, sentimental places. If a designer knows what a person is envisioning from a treasured previous landscape, that can make it easier to make them happy.
Are you looking to re-create the endless green lawns of your childhood? Or do you dream of spending your afternoons resting in a hammock by a babbling brook? Sure, maybe you won’t be able to replicate those scenarios precisely, but laying them out can help your designer create an outdoor space that brings you peace.
Unless you want your lawn to make a serious statement, make sure you use a landscape professional who’s willing to work with you—not against you. There are two kinds of designers. The designer who wants to give you their style, and the designer who wants to listen to who you are.
If you’re feeling steamrolled by the designer early in the process, it’s OK to move on. While you probably hired the designer because of his or her aesthetic, if there’s no room for your own it’s not a partnership worth keeping.