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Paver patios are a great addition to help transform the look of your yard. They are a great choice for their extreme durability. Unlike other comparable options, pavers are much stronger and able to withstand the Northwest Indiana ever changing weather without cracking. In addition, our landscape contractors recommend pavers to many of our clients because they do not need to be sealed year after year. These benefits make a paver patio a great selection for many property owners and it may be for you as well.

The Benefits of Pavers For Your Landscaping
Pavers, also known as paver stones, are a durable, attractive and erosion friendly alternative to creating beautiful patios, walkways, driveways, steps and can also be used as planting bed edging. Paver bricks and stones allow you to not only create custom designs to suit your environment and landscaping theme, but their long-term cost-benefit is significant, as opposed to flagstone and stamped concrete. Another benefit of using this type of landscaping material is their inherent strength amplified when interlocked with other pavers. And, if necessary, which is rare, they are simple to replace. As opposed to concrete repairs, which involves heavy equipment and often results in the removal of large pieces to fix small cracks, pavers are a simple lift, replace, and lock job.

An important, but often overlooked, the design feature of using this type of landscaping material is that they help protect your landscape and property as they allow for a more natural water flow. Where concrete surfaces are generally flat, water flows across the top can be heavy and fast causing erosion to occur around your landscaping, or may even result in pooling near structures. Pavers are designed to interlock, at the point of connection. This creates a break in stone height and allows for non-directional water flow and a slower flow speed. Also, they are permeable and porous preventing long-term pooling and surface alteration due to corrosive elements that get trapped by water.

Paver Stones For Driveways and Pathways
One way to add value and increase the aesthetic feel of your property is to use paver stones in your driveway and parking areas. Give your environment that old world cobblestone look or create a customized modern design that reflects your style. The driveway is often overlooked as just a necessary, flat, bland surface that can crack and become an eyesore with wear. By turning this significant part of your property’s landscape into an artfully designed surface with the use of paver stones, your new driveway can increase your home’s appeal. Additionally, this material will remove the worry of unsightly cracks and the headaches that come with concrete repair, and this environmentally sound surface aids in alleviating flooding by allowing more natural water flows and flow rates, preventing erosion to surrounding areas.