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Mulch isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. There are many different types of mulch for your lawn and garden needs, with a wide variety of colors to choose from, spanning every color of the rainbow.

Dyed Brown Mulch (our biggest seller)
Our customer’s favorite mulch to use by far. Our dyed brown mulch is a finely ground wood fiber with a non-toxic coloring added to it for nice consistency, adding contrast to your landscaping. Since our mulch is made from natural wood fibers it will eventually break down and add natural additives to your soil. Brown mulch is a nice touch to any lawn and garden, and its natural color makes both light and darker-colored plants appear vibrant when paired together. This color mulch works well in small areas. It truly is a universal color that you can’t go wrong in choosing.

Shredded Hardwood Bark Mulch
Another popular mulch is our Shredded Hardwood Bark Mulch. With its natural dark brown color and finely shredded quality, this mulch adds a natural wood look to any landscape project. The benefits of installing shredded hardwood bark mulch include that it forms a mat to assist in weed control, adds organic matter and helps with water conservation.

Red Cedar Mulch (lasts up to 5 years)
If you close your eyes and envision red mulch, you may picture a relatively commercial area, such as a cluster of office buildings, a park, or a line of restaurants. This color mulch is used extensively in these types of areas, and it works well if the plants, trees, and shrubs have lighter colored-vegetation. Red mulch’s vibrant color provides contrast to light, plants, and also works well in rock gardens. It’s important to pay attention to driveways and sidewalks with this color mulch; light concrete may be stained by the dye red mulch.

Playmat Mulch (approved for playgrounds and play areas)
Not just any mulch is good to use for play areas and playground. Since a majority of much is composed of wood chips, there can be a problem of splinters that can hurt children. Our playmat mulch is constructed to keep the splinters down to a complete minimum. Our playmat mulch is also designed with the parents in mind to eliminate difficulties pushing strollers or wheelchairs in the play area. Playmat mulch is also a great deterrent to most insects.

Dyed Black Mulch
Our dyed black mulch is a great way to highlight areas in your landscaping. Not only is it appealing to the eye but does offer other benefits including weed prevention, water retention and will break down releasing nutrients back into your soil. Our black dyed mulch retains the heat from sunlight which warms the soil promoting and enhancing plant growth. Our mulch not only gives your landscape a certain look and aesthetic finesse but does last longer than regular mulch and you will not have replace as often, helping you save money.

Dyed Gold Mulch
For a contrast in landscapes that include darker plant material, dyed gold mulch adds a pop of color to brighten the area. Dyed mulches provide more consistent and longer lasting color for a great look around your home.