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At Hubinger’s Garden Center, we stock the greatest assortment of plants and flowers including trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals, and hanging baskets for sale. We offer creativity and variety. Let inspiration strike and your imagination wander as you cross the small creek on the property by way of the wooden bridge to explore our inventory.

Proper plant selection is one of the “secrets” in successful landscaping. Taking into account your goals for the plant- screening, shade, erosion control etc.-, environmental factors, and needs of the plant are all important for plant selection. Our educated staff will help you navigate the garden center to find the perfect plant palette for your landscaping.


Products available at Hubinger


We have a large variety of shade, ornamental, and evergreen trees for you to select from in a variety of sizes. Whether you are looking for a statement tree for the front yard or a tree to shade your backyard, Hubinger’s has options for you. We have many types of Maples, Oaks, Sweetgum, Spruce, Pines, and many more!

Shrub #1


Our unique selection of shrubs can cater to anyone’s landscaping. We have a great selection of dwarf and large shrubs to fit into whatever location you need plant material.


We love adding perennials for extra color! You can find perennial displays all over the garden center or visit the perennial greenhouse for companion plant ideas.

Perennial #1

Annuals and Hanging Baskets

HLC has a huge availability of annual flowers and veggies! Come plan out your annual flower pots with us or your vegetable garden. Pre-made annual pots are available for purchase or bring your own pot in for a custom arrangement.

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